We are offering lessons this Fall/Winter for new students and for those Club 50 graduates who want to learn more Mainstream calls.

The Limber Timbers Square Dance Club is happy to announce that we will teach 20 Mainstream and Plus lessons starting Tuesday, September 10 through February 4, 2020.

At the completion of lessons, dancers will be able to participate in local club dances as well as state and national conventions around the country. Lessons, at a cost of $6 per lesson, will held at the Advia Credit Union located at 837 N. Wisconsin St., Elkhorn WI. (Hwy 67).

Mainstream instruction will run from 6:30-8:00 PM. Plus lessons will run from 8:00-9:00 PM. Our instructor, Eric Tangman, is thorough and helps dancers master new calls by providing plenty of practice and reinforcement.

If you are interested in participating in lessons, willing and able to make the necessary time and financial commitment, please contact Frank and Linda by September 5 at flpaa4us.19@gmail.com or call 262-248-1339 for more information.

We require a minimum of four new students for lessons to be held.  

Lessons will start on September 10th and finish February 4th.


Lessons are usually on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at The Advia Credit Union, located North of Elkhorn on Highway 67. (837 N. Wisconsin St.)

Fee for new Mainstream and new Plus students will be $6.00 per lesson, with a balance of $54 due the second week of lessons.  The fee for angels is $2.00 per lesson.  The fee is necessary to cover the expense of our instructor, Eric Tangman. 

As always, Limber Timbers depends on dedicated angels to help with lessons to insure the future of our club. You are needed and valued.


Please contact Barb Ceas at 608-883-2017
Linda Paavola at 262-248-1339 or email at
flpaa4us.19@gmail.com with any questions.